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“Artists, Architects and Makers in the age of algorithmic change”


A two hour independently organized event, Hosted by Bekanze. Bekanze is an experimental Project Space  located in Miami, in the heart of  Coconut Grove.  The space celebrates art in an informal environment, one which promotes freedom of creativity and expression  through art, photography, architecture, design and culture. Encouraging visitors to engage with the works on a personal and intimate level, where the space reflects the mind of the artist, the creative process, and technical experiments.  





ABOUT:  Artist, Architects, Curators, Educators and Makers examine different ways to interact with this algorithmic age, where the act of creation risks to be subdued by state of chronic distraction, vertiginous acceleration and depersonalization. We would like to explore how each panel member engages and disengages from the grid. How this fluidity fuels their creative practice, and challenges their  experiences and future scenarios in the field of art, architecture and culture. This event will humbly attempt to unwind the complexity of the interconnected relation between the algorithmic age and the creative world. We hope to make evident the effect of creative and design decisions that continue and are manifested across the art and architecture disciplines.

PANELIST: Artists, Bruno Castro Santos and Douglas Diaz. Architects, Allan T. Shulman and  Chad Oppenheim, Curator Cristina Gonzalez, FIU Associate Professor Alfredo Andia, Business leader and Entrepreneur Jorge Mas. Guided by moderator Kirsten Brown-Garcia.


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